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Chapter 22. Your Procrastination Proclam... > Choose Your Procrastination Prioriti... - Pg. 237

Your Procrastination Proclamation 237 Choose Your Procrastination Priorities Action Tactic Before filling out the following form for Part Two of the Procrastination Proclamation, photocopy it or type up your own version on a computer to use as a template for any procrastination priorities you want to work on in the future. The Procrastination Hot Spots Checklist gave you a bird's-eye view of all the things you procrastinate about. At this point, you need to zero in on the one or two major issues that you most need to work on. These neglected tasks, projects, or goals are having the biggest negative impact on your life now or might in the near future. In Step 4, you'll choose several smaller, easier-to-tackle issues. For now, concentrate on major ones such as finding a job, dealing with a relationship problem, losing weight, and the like. By choosing only one or two issues to work on, you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by too many problems to solve at once. These two issues become your procrastination priorities. Take some time to consider all your choices and make a careful decision, because the idea here is that you are making a commitment to do something about these two problems. Feel free to choose only