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Chapter 22. Your Procrastination Proclam... > Take a Procrastination Inventory - Pg. 233

Your Procrastination Proclamation 233 Exercise: My Life Roles Rankings Read through the following list of life roles and think about how much of your time and energy are currently going into each role (or will be during the very near future). Rank the roles from 1 to 10, with 1 being the role that is receiving the most time and attention from you and 10 being the role that you are devoting the least time and attention to. Write your rankings in the "Actual Time and Attention" column. As you rank the roles, don't think about how much you're enjoying them or wanting to spend time in them. Just think about how much time you are spending in them and the mental (or physical) energy you are devoting to them. Next, go back through the list and think about the roles where you want to spend your time and energy. Do the same sort of ranking, with a 1 next to the role that you would most like to focus on now and in the very near future, and 10 being the role that is of least interest to you. Write these rankings in the "Preferred Ranking" column. In some cases, if you're spending time doing the things you want to do, you might find that roles get the same ranking in each column. But you're likely to find discrepancies between where you're spending your time and where you'd prefer to be. Life Role Family member Homemaker Income-earner Careerist Leisurite Social being Community member Actual Time and Attention Preferred Ranking