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Chapter 22. Your Procrastination Proclam... > The Procrastinator's Oath of Effecti... - Pg. 241

Your Procrastination Proclamation 241 · I understand that procrastination is no joke, that it diminishes the quality of my life and the lives of people around me. · I pledge that, whenever I feel myself about to procrastinate, I will use the Stop, Look, and Listen formula (see Chapter 12), no matter how tempting it may be to act on impulse. · I declare that, before I make negative statements such as, "I just can't make myself do this," I will try as many of the 10 strategies for getting things done (also in Chapter 12) as necessary until I take some positive action. · I will not let fear, perfectionism, or other self-defeating thoughts and feelings control my life. · I will not be overly judgmental of my behavior or put unnecessary pressure on myself. I will recognize that I'm only human and will not always be perfectly efficient--nor should I want to be. · I will keep my priorities and goals in sight at all times. · I will make it a priority to have fun, relax, take care of myself, and connect with my family and friends as often as possible. I will faithfully execute my Procrastination Proclamation and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Procrastinator's Oath of Effectiveness. _______________________________________ Signed Witnessed by: 1. _______________________________________ 2. _______________________________________ _____________________________ Date Congratulations! Have the band strike up a rousing chorus of Hail to the Chief . You are now inducted into the hallowed halls of recovering procrastinators. Armed with your Procrastination Proclamation,