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Chapter 22. Your Procrastination Proclam... > Take a Procrastination Inventory - Pg. 234

Your Procrastination Proclamation 234 The Procrastination Hot Spots Checklist Read through the following lists and check off any task that you procrastinate about, either often or very often. You may have procrastinated on all or most of the items on this list at some point in your life, but in this exercise, just check off the ones that you have been putting off recently. The tasks are grouped into categories so that you know the context in which the activity occurs. If a task isn't applicable to you, then skip it. (For example, if you aren't currently in school, then don't check off any of the school-related tasks, even if you used to procrastinate when you were a student.) Only check off what applies to your life now or in the very recent past. Work School Writing papers and reports Studying for tests Doing homework Choosing a thesis or dissertation topic Doing research for a project Finding an internship (or summer or part-time job) Choosing a major Choosing courses Meeting with professors or teaching assistants Requesting letters of recommendation Dealing with academic red tape (such as financial aid) Reading and dealing with mail Doing routine paperwork Writing reports Writing correspondence Writing memos or other business documents Starting projects far in advance of a deadline Completing projects after starting them Implementing new ideas or procedures Returning phone calls Making phone calls Paying bills Billing clients or customers Keeping up with professional reading Organizing my office Improving my on-the-job productivity or performance Dealing with office politics or workplace relationships Getting involved, or more active in, professional associations Professional networking (not just association involvement) Looking for a new job Setting career goals Making a career change Starting a business ____________________ ____________________ Other work-related tasks or projects, such as: