Useful Organizations and Associations 1-800-634-NAFE National Board for Certified Counselors 336-547-0607 National Career Development Association 1-888-326-1750 274 Coaching The following organizations can refer you to a coach for assistance in setting and reaching personal or professional goals. Coach University Coach Referral Service 1-800-48COACH The Coaches Training Institute Coaching Referral Service 1-800-691-6008 International Coach Federation 1-888-BEMYCOACH Education For assistance in selecting and applying to schools, colleges, and special educational programs, members of the following organization can be a valuable resource. Most independent educational consultants work with children, adolescents, and young adults, but some provide guidance for older adults wishing to return to school. Some also offer, or can refer you to, testing for academic aptitude or learning disabilities as well. (For more education-related resources, see the education Web sites listed in Appendix C.) Independent Educational Consultants Association 703-591-4850 Finance If you need information on getting out of debt or getting ahead financially, or referrals to financial planning experts, these organizations can come to your rescue: Debt Counselors of America 1-800-680-3328