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Part: 3 Tips and Tricks for Getting Things Done - Pg. 131

131 Part 3. Tips and Tricks for Getting Things Done In Part 2, you laid the foundation for becoming an ex-procrastinator and learned basic principles for getting things done in most any situation. In Part 3, I focus on more nitty-gritty techniques for specific chores, tasks, and projects you need to tackle, whether it's washing that sinkful of dishes or making an overdue doctor's appointment. You'll find tips for managing your household, your career and job, and your health or other self- improvement issues. You'll explore ways to make some changes in your family or social life, improve or solidify relationships, keep in touch with people, and make the holidays fun, rather than a chore. You'll also find out how to get past writer's block and any other blocks you might have and move forward with the big stuff in life: your finances, safety, and the fact of your mortality.