The Secret Formula to Overcoming Procrastination 120 Action Tactic Imagine you're watching a videotape of yourself and you push the pause button. Picture yourself on the screen, frozen in time. That's what I want you to do in real life. Every time you're walking away from your desk to avoid doing work, slinking out of a room that needs cleaning, or avoiding any other task, push an imaginary pause button and freeze your movement. Leaving a few crumbs and a knife that will get crusty is probably not going to wreck your life, but it may be just one example of many instances of procrastination that do start to take their toll on your quality of life and that of the people around you. To break the pattern of putting things off until some vague future time, the first thing to do is to pause. Stop to think about what you're doing and try to figure out why you're doing it. When you say, "Stop!" you do several important things: · You are no longer acting on impulse, but you instead become conscious of your behavior. · You gain power over procrastination instead of letting it be some insidious force that sneaks up on you. · You give yourself the chance to think about the consequences of delaying the task you're about to put off.