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Chapter 12. The Secret Formula to Overco... > Ten Sure-Fire Strategies for Getting... - Pg. 128

The Secret Formula to Overcoming Procrastination 128 Action Tactic For more ideas on how to chip away at your goals and projects, refer to Stop Screaming at the Microwave: How to Connect Your Disconnected Life, in which Mary LoVerde describes a concept similar to the chip-away technique, which she calls "microactions." Even though it is extremely important to schedule times when you'll do routine tasks or take steps in major projects, it's just as important that you be on the lookout for unexpected windows of op- portunity. Using this hidden time, time when you aren't necessarily scheduled to work on a particular task, is a great way to chip away at that task. Doing so helps you get things done little by little without even realizing that you're working on them. It's quick and painless. The chip-away technique doesn't require major advance planning. All you need to do is spot a small window of opportunity and ask yourself if there's one little thing you could be doing during that time. This strategy is what enables me to keep my house tidy most of the time. (Although I'm certain that the day Publisher's Clearinghouse shows up at my door with cameras rolling to award me my million- dollar prize, the house will be a mess, and I'll be in a ratty bathrobe.) Every time I walk from one room to another, I pick up one item that doesn't belong in that room and take it where it belongs (or at least one room closer to where it belongs). By the end of the day, there's not a huge task of tidying up waiting for me because I've chipped away at it throughout the day. You can read more about this