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Chapter 12. The Secret Formula to Overco... > Ten Sure-Fire Strategies for Getting... - Pg. 127

The Secret Formula to Overcoming Procrastination Self-talk on cassette tapes I would do that, but ... Self-talk on CDs I will do that because ... 127 Those are several of the most common examples of negative self-talk. If yours have a slightly dif- ferent ring to them, you can still convert them into more positive sounds, like those in the Self-talk on CDs column. The key is to eliminate the negative language, words such as not, afraid, and but , and also to be creative in thinking about the flip side of the negative thought behind that language. Strategy #8: Focus on do dates, not due dates In a way, deadlines are meaningless. The date that something is due is simply the date that you turn it in, hand it over, mail it, or stop working on it. Whether it's a deadline at work, a deadline to apply for something, or a deadline you've set for yourself, that deadline or due date has almost nothing to do with action. A major reason why people put off things and end up racing to meet a deadline is that they focus too much on the due date and not enough on do dates. Do dates are the specific days or times when you schedule and plan to complete certain tasks. Do dates are where the action is. Matter of Fact