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Chapter 1. The Procrastinator's Wake-Up ... > Home, Sweet, Neglected Home - Pg. 9

The Procrastinator's Wake-Up Call 9 Or maybe you aren't yet aware that your procrastination inconveniences, disappoints, and angers the people around you. Be careful: Friends, family, and co-workers may be letting their feelings build up, and they will explode at you one day. That's usually not a very pleasant experience. Your procrastination might also cause you to put off dealing with relationship problems that need to be worked out. Maybe you keep postponing ending a friendship or relationship you'd be better off without. Perhaps you do the opposite: You put off getting a relationship started or delay making a firm commitment to a good one that's already underway. In Chapter 11, "Decision-Making--The Root of All Action," you'll learn techniques for making difficult life decisions, such as those related to relationships. In Chapter 15, "Get a Social Life--or Change the One You Have," you'll find tips on how to stop dragging your feet when it comes to dating, developing friendships, and dealing with other interpersonal situations. Home, Sweet, Neglected Home A household that is home to one or more procrastinators is likely to be in a constant state of disarray. Dirty dishes in the sink, piles of laundry to be washed, meals planned at the last minute, kids rushing out the door late for soccer practice, and all sorts of other chaos mean that the quality of life there is not what it could be. When one member of a family or group of roommates procrastinates, ev- eryone else suffers. People who live alone suffer, too. They get frustrated with themselves over not being able to find things among all the clutter, are embarrassed to have guests over, and leave home repair projects half-done. In households of one, there are no "enablers" to come along after the procrastinator and pick up the pieces. In Chapter 13, "Dirty Dishes and Other Household Chores," you'll find lots of tips and tricks for putting some order into a disorderly home life.