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Chapter 1. The Procrastinator's Wake-Up ... > Relationships on the Edge - Pg. 8

The Procrastinator's Wake-Up Call 8 Quicksand! Don't be fooled by the feeling of relief that often comes from putting off a task you've been dreading. Feelings of stress and anxiety are sure to follow. Karen, a successful (and highly ethical) colleague of mine, told me a particularly poignant story about procrastination's effects on someone's stress level and sense of self-worth. When Karen was a freshman in college, she procrastinated so severely on writing a paper for a history class that she felt she had no choice but to lie to her professor. She told him that a family member was ill, and she would need extra time on the paper. The professor happened to be a Catholic priest, and Karen felt so guilty about her lie that she burst into tears while talking to him and ran out of the classroom. In describing the incident to me, she said, "I walked around for weeks feeling like I had jinxed myself, and that if someone in my family were to become ill, it would be all my fault." Matter of Fact