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Chapter 1. The Procrastinator's Wake-Up ... > Procrastination Can Be Hazardous to ... - Pg. 7

The Procrastinator's Wake-Up Call 7 Darin, Can I See You in My Office--Now?! There's more to success on the job than simply showing up on time and going through the motions of your basic job description. You have to manage your workplace relationships effectively, take charge of your job advancement, and make a real contribution toward the employer's goals. Always being behind the eight ball on the job may cause you to · Be reprimanded or even fired. · Miss out on promotions and raises. · Be excluded from important projects or overlooked for plum assignments because you can't be counted on. · Receive poor performance reviews or references. · Anger and alienate your bosses and co-workers. · Tarnish your professional reputation. · Have less leisure or family time because work spills over into your personal life. If you feel like you're walking a tightrope every day that you show up for work, the tips offered in Chapter 20, "Get a Job--and Keep It," may come in handy. Matter of Fact