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Chapter 1. The Procrastinator's Wake-Up ... > The Case of the Missing $12 Million ... - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1. The Procrastinator's Wake-Up Call In This Chapter · Waking up to the dangers of procrastination · Real-world stories from chronic procrastinators · What delaying does to your health, wealth, and happiness "I'll do it later" seems like a harmless enough statement. The problem is that when later comes, that split-second decision you made to put off something can have lasting negative consequences. Oc- casional procrastination is usually fairly harmless. But procrastinating on a regular basis--ignoring important responsibilities and creating chaos for yourself and the people who depend on you--can be dangerous business. At a minimum, procrastination inconveniences you and others. At its worst, procrastination takes a serious toll on your finances, career, mental and physical health, relationships, and personal safety. If you've brushed off your procrastination problem as a minor nuisance, a silly habit, or even a charming personality quirk, then this chapter is your wake-up call. The Case of the Missing $12 Million Lottery Ticket One of the most alarming procrastination stories I've ever heard is that of Ted, a chronic procrasti- nator who might have become 12 million dollars richer had he only gotten around to getting organ- ized. For several years, Ted purchased a ticket in his state's weekly lottery whenever the jackpot rose to more than 10 million dollars. His rationale was that the 10 million dollars rule limited how often he played and thus kept him from throwing away too much money on a game with such long odds of winning.