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Chapter 1. The Procrastinator's Wake-Up ... > The Case of the Missing $12 Million ... - Pg. 3

The Procrastinator's Wake-Up Call 3 You're Not Alone I typically don't do things until dire action requires it. I put off calling the plumber until the leak gets really bad, put off calling the exterminator until I see the mouse myself, procrastinate paying parking tickets until I've received my third urgent notice. Sometimes only the urgency of final deadlines or serious retribution motivates me to do things I don't like doing. --Jill K., writer After buying his tickets, Ted would stick them in all sorts of places--clothes pockets, wallet, desk drawers, a catch-all bowl on the entrance hall table--a different spot practically every time. He often would say to his wife, or think to himself, "I really need to find one place to keep my lottery tickets so that I won't lose any." Despite those intentions, he never got around to setting up one simple organizational system for the tickets and continued to put them anywhere and everywhere. Every couple of months, Ted would gather up any tickets he could find and sign on to the lottery's Web site to see whether any of his tickets matched winning numbers from previous weeks or months. They never did. Then one day Ted was walking past the newsstand where he always purchased his tickets. Much to his surprise, he saw a sign indicating that a winning 12 million dollar ticket from a game a couple months back had been purchased at that very newsstand. Knowing that he had probably bought a