The Procrastination Survey · · · · · · · · · · · Completing a degree Preparing a will or other estate planning Keeping or organizing financial records Investing/saving for the future Preparing a budget Preparing and filing income taxes Changing the batteries in your smoke alarm(s) Leaving home or work to get to appointments Getting organized (in general) Reaching long-term goals (personal or professional) Other: 285 Survey Results The following list of questionnaire items is reordered to show you how each task ranked--in other words, how often it was cited as a problem. The task ranked as #1 is the task that was noted by the largest number of survey participants as being a problem for them. The task ranked as #47 was the one least likely to be a problem. Tasks with the same rank indicate items that were tied. The number in parentheses after each item shows the percentage of respondents out of the total 309 who cited that task as a problem. (Decimal points of percentages were rounded to nearest whole number, so items with the same percentages did not tie, unless those items have the same ranking.) 1. Cleaning out closets, drawers, and other cluttered spaces (62 percent)