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Part: 5 Living the Life of an Ex-Procras... > The Questionnaire and Instructions - Pg. 284

The Procrastination Survey · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Routine household cleaning Routine tidying up around the house Cleaning out closets, drawers, and other cluttered spaces Doing laundry Taking clothes to the dry cleaners or picking them up Taking out the trash or recyclables Reading and dealing with your mail (at home or work) Mailing letters and other correspondence (the actual stamping and mailing, not the writing) Replying to e-mails Buying groceries Making home repairs or arranging for others to do them Washing your car Maintaining your car (having the oil changed, checking the tires, etc.) Returning rented videos Returning library books Returning borrowed items from friends Returning phone calls (work-related) Returning phone calls (personal ones) Doing routine paperwork (at work) Paying bills Keeping up with things you want to read (personal) 284