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Chapter 2. The Procrastination Epidemic > Why Procrastination Is Becoming an Ep... - Pg. 17

The Procrastination Epidemic 17 It's Not Laziness Think of the time and effort that goes into concocting excuses for why you're not going to do some- thing. Think of the energy you expend doing the things you do to kill time. Think of the brainpower you use worrying about what you're supposed to be doing but aren't doing. Anybody who has that much energy isn't a lazy person. You may have your lazy moments when you need nothing more than a kick in the seat of the pants to get moving and doing. But don't label yourself as lazy just be-cause you occasionally goof off. Procrastinators usually have the energy it takes to get things done and the ability to make an effort; they just use that energy and ability in misguided ways. It's Not a Question of Discipline Procrastinators sometimes wake up one day and declare that they're going to turn over a new leaf, buckle down, and get things done. They think it's a matter of being more disciplined. Unfortunately, what they don't realize is that trying to get more disciplined only makes matters worse. Think about times when you've tried to lead a very regimented life. Maybe you said you were going to go jogging every day of the week or would clean the kitchen immediately after finishing dinner each night. You probably felt so constricted and overwhelmed by the standards you'd set for your behavior that when you slipped up and didn't do something just one time, you labeled yourself undisciplined and gave up hope of ever getting your act together. Discipline is not something you can dictate yourself to have. Trying to be disciplined is a form of all- or-nothing thinking that sets you up for failure. Instead, think about gradually adopting new habits and approaching everything with a sense of moderation, not an all-or-nothing attitude.