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Chapter 7. Rallying Support from the Pros > Who You Gonna Call? - Pg. 71

Rallying Support from the Pros 71 Action Tactic The best way to find any sort of expert to help with your procrastination problem is to ask for suggestions from friends whose opinions you respect. A word-of-mouth re-ferral is much more likely to be on target than sticking a pin in the Yellow Pages or asking someone who doesn't know you well. According to the Web site of the National Association of Professional Organizers (, "a Professional Organizer has the skills and experience to provide information, ideas, structure, solutions, and systems which increase productivity, reduce stress, and lead to more control over time, space, actions, and resources." Professional organizer services usually fall into five main cat- egories: · · · · · Space planning Paper and information management Time management Storage design Clutter control Professional organizers can work wonders and are important allies in the battle against procrasti-