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Chapter 7. Rallying Support from the Pros > Personal Coaches - Pg. 70

Rallying Support from the Pros 70 Career consultants and coaches are a good choice when you know what you want to do but you just don't know how to get there. If you are already in the right career field and job but need advice and support as you try to advance in the field or deal with day-to-day issues in your current job, then an executive coach or career management coach is also a good option. Personal Coaches The term coach used to refer exclusively to the man or woman on the sidelines of your school's basketball court or neighborhood Little League diamond wearing a whistle and a nervous expres- sion. Or the term conjured up images of Bill Parcells or Phil Jackson. Now, the term coach doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sports. It can mean a personal coach: someone who helps you reach your personal and/or professional goals. Personal coaches are a little bit like psychotherapists, career counselors, executive coaches, and professional organizers; but at the same time, they are like none of them. They don't deal with the major emotional or psychological issues that psycho-therapists handle, but they do provide a non- judgmental forum for expressing your hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns. They don't always have the in-depth knowledge of career development that a career counselor has, but they can help you set and reach your professional goals. They don't usually roll up their sleeves and tear apart your closet or filing cabinets like professional organizers would, but they do help you get your act together and keep it together in a more general sense. Coaches act as partners who help you take action. You typically meet with a coach on a weekly basis (often by phone, if not in person) to structure a plan for reaching your goals and getting support along the way. They often take a no-holds-barred, no-nonsense approach that keeps you focused on your target. Although some coaches are certified by a credentialing organization (see the ones listed in Appendix B), the personal coaching field is even more unregulated than the other counseling and coaching professions. Be sure to ask questions about your prospective coach's training, experience, and approach so you can make an informed decision about the coach you choose to work with. Matter of Fact If you've been putting off anything related to education, whether it's signing up your newborn for private nursery school, finding a summer program for your special needs teenager, or going back to college later in life, an independent educational consultant can help you and your family make the right choices. For information on how an educational consultant could help, or for referral to one near you, contact the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) at 703-591-4850 or Or visit its Web site at www.ed- Professional Organizers Do you look at the piles of paper on your desk and feel like you'd rather throw them out the window than try to sort through and organize them yourself? Have you cleaned out your closets more times than you care to remember but find that they just get messy again soon after? It may be time to call in someone who de-clutters, files, and organizes for a living. Yes, such a person does exist and may be just what you need to get your life on track.