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Chapter 7. Rallying Support from the Pro... > Do I Need Professional Help? - Pg. 65

Rallying Support from the Pros · · · · Mental health professionals Career development professionals Personal coaches Professional organizers 65 This chapter examines each of these categories in detail so you'll know who these professionals are and how to find them. Do I Need Professional Help? Before you start searching for professional help, you need to know whether expert advice is some- thing you need or whether you can get by with just a little help from your friends. Take the following quiz and see where you stand. Read through the following statements and circle True (T) if a state- ment sounds like something you might think, feel, or say. Circle False (F) if the statement doesn't sound like you. A T T T T T B T F I'd like to choose a more satisfying career, but I have no idea what it is; or I have some ideas, but I'm having difficulty choosing among them. F F F F F My procrastination habit makes me feel down about myself. I sometimes feel so depressed or lacking in energy that I just don't feel like doing anything. I wish I could talk about my procrastination problems to someone who is understanding and not judgmental. I've tried to stop procrastinating, but I just don't feel like I have any control over it. I think that much of my procrastination is due to psychological issues rather than environmental ones.