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Chapter 7. Rallying Support from the Pros > Who You Gonna Call? - Pg. 72

Rallying Support from the Pros 72 Questions to Ask When Seeking Professional Help The following questions can help you zero in on the best psychotherapist, career counselor, coach, or professional organizer for your needs: What is the approach or philosophy behind your work? What can I expect to have happen when we first meet? Do you work on a session-by-session basis, or do I have to sign up for a package of sessions? Do you work on a one-on-one basis, in groups, or both? What is the average length of time someone would work with you to reach his or her goals? What is your professional background (education, work experience, and so on)? Do you have any licenses, certifications, or credentials? Are these required in your field and state, or are they optional? How long have you been in private practice or in your own consulting business? Have you dealt with people with my problems/situation before? Do you have a particular specialty or area of expertise? What do you charge for your services, and which forms of payment do you accept? Finding Support Closer to Home Which of your friends, family, or co-workers are most likely to be supportive of your efforts to stop procrastinating? Make note of their names here: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________