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Chapter 7. Rallying Support from the Pro... > Career Development Professionals - Pg. 69

Rallying Support from the Pros · · · · · · · · · Career counselor Career consultant Career management consultant Career coach Career strategist Career advisor Job search coach Employment consultant Executive coach 69 Although a person's title gives you some clue as to what his or her expertise and training might be, it's up to you to ask the right questions to be sure that person can give you the kind of help you need. (See "Questions to Ask When Seeking Professional Help" later in this chapter for ideas.) Career Counselors Those who call themselves career counselors must have a master's degree or higher in psychology, counseling, or social work. Beyond that, their credentials and experience will vary widely, because career counseling is a largely unregulated field. Some states require licenses, and some career counselors have obtained an optional national credential making them National Certified Career Counselors. Action Tactic