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Chapter 18. Put It in Writing > Writing Letters of Complaint - Pg. 195

Put It in Writing 195 Writing Letters of Complaint Joe was on his way out of town to be the best man in a friend's wedding the next day, but by the time he arrived, he was more nervous than the caterer, the groom, the soon-to-be-wife, and her mother. First, he was bumped from an overbooked flight because he arrived at the airport too late, due to a clueless cab driver who got lost on the way. Then, he was put on the next flight a couple hours later, but the plane sat on the tarmac for two hours with engine problems. When he finally got to his destination, his luggage was lost somewhere between Maine and California. You're Not Alone Flying home from honeymooning in Hawaii, a loud alarm blasted for the entire six hours. It's hard enough to end an amazing vacation and face reality, but we'd also splurged on first-class tickets, so we wanted a pleasant flight. We planned to file a formal complaint but didn't get around to it until over a year later, at which point it was too late. --Lisa P., human resources recruiter He went on to his hotel where his luggage arrived a couple hours later. Even though he had missed the daytime festivities, he could still make it to the rehearsal dinner. He pulled his suit out of his garment bag and found it looking more like crumpled newspaper than something he could wear to a party. The hotel said they could have it pressed in no time, but half an hour later, a sheepish hotel