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Chapter 18. Put It in Writing > Dear Jane, Thank You for the 1992 Desk Calendar... - Pg. 188

Put It in Writing 188 The same goes for thankyous that need to be sent when you've been a guest in someone's home, attended a special event at a friend's or colleague's invitation, had someone do a nice favor for you, or been the recipient of any other sort of kindness or hospitality. No matter how much you enjoyed the occasion or liked the gift, you may find that acknowledging the gesture is something you just can't get around to doing. And if you hated the gift or had a lousy time at the event, the note is even harder to write. Action Tactic Rather than stare at a blank piece of paper wondering, just what is the proverbial right thing to say in a thankyou note, take a look at the tips and sample letters in Miss Manner's Basic Training: Communication by etiquette guru Judith Martin. If it's engagement, wedding, or shower gifts that have you stumped, The Bride's ThankYou Note Handbook by Marilyn Werner might get that pen moving. A thankyou note is not a doctoral dissertation, an epic novel, or a critical business proposal, so why is it so hard to get the darn thing written and in the mail promptly? Here are several of the most common reasons why notes of appreciation get put off: · Unless you're in the midst of a major gift receiving and fêted time in your life (such as when getting engaged, married, retiring, and the like), writing thankyou notes is not part of your daily routine. They won't get written and mailed unless you make it a priority to set aside time for them.