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Chapter 16. New Year's Resolutions and O... > Getting Back on Your Hobby Horse - Pg. 172

New Year's Resolutions and Other Self-Improvement Promises 172 Getting Back on Your Hobby Horse If you're a procrastinator who has trouble getting the important things in life taken care of, how will you ever get around to doing something as non-urgent, and seemingly insignificant, as a hobby? Whether you're trying to take up a new hobby or pick back up one you used to have, try this six- step process: 1. If it's a former hobby you're trying to revisit, ask yourself if you really want to pursue it again. Sometimes people feel obligated to pick a hobby back up because friends or family say things like, "What a shame it is that you don't paint anymore. You had such talent." Or, "Are you going to let all those expensive supplies go to waste?" Don't let yourself be coerced into doing some- thing you don't particularly enjoy or no longer have an interest in. Find a new hobby or take a break from hobbies altogether for a while. If, however, you would like to get back to it, but just can't seem to rally yourself to do anything about it, then read on to the next steps. (The same goes for taking up a new hobby: Make sure you choose something you'd really like to do; otherwise, you're just wasting your time.) Schedule a date in your calendar to assemble any supplies or equipment you might need. If you already have what you need, but it's buried in a closet or the garage, plan a time to unearth it. If you'll need to purchase some new things, write that task on your to-do list and schedule a time to do it. If you have enough room in your home to do so, set up a hobby workspace. Most people do this for hobbies that require a great deal of space and equipment, such as woodworking, but they don't always think of setting up a workspace for "smaller" hobbies. Even if all your hobby paraphernalia can fit in a shoebox, make sure that that shoebox has its designated place. If you don't have enough room to set aside a separate workspace, then at least keep your 2. 3. 4.