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Chapter 16. New Year's Resolutions and O... > Hobbies? What Are Those? - Pg. 171

New Year's Resolutions and Other Self-Improvement Promises 171 "I can't afford to go to the doctor." Reality:Sadly, this is the reality for far too many people who don't have health insurance. Follow the same advice given for those who do have insurance but just aren't covered for certain pro- cedures. Hobbies? What Are Those? Most resolutions are about things that are good for us or that we need to do but don't necessarily want to do. Sometimes, though, we see the New Year, or any other time we envision a fresh start, as a chance to inject some new life into our daily routines. That often means revisiting a long- forgotten hobby or taking up a new one. Matter of Fact Hobbies are usually thought of as solitary activities. In fact, it's that quiet time alone that draws many people to arts and crafts, collecting, and other leisure activities. But if you'd like to connect with other people who share your interests, go to This comprehensive site has links to all sorts of hobby groups, from the British Origami Association to the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors. The site also links you to sources of supplies, equipment, and how-to information on pursuits as varied as making Scottish bagpipes to