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Chapter 16. New Year's Resolutions and O... > Making Medical and Dental Appointmen... - Pg. 169

New Year's Resolutions and Other Self-Improvement Promises 169 Life expectancy for Americans has increased steadily since 1940. (Centers for Disease Control) · Do what you enjoy, or at least do what you don't hate.I used to think that I wasn't trying hard enough to lose weight or get fit because I wasn't going to aerobics classes. Then I remembered that I wasn't going to aerobics classes because I hate them. I hate the loud, obnoxious music. I hate the grunting and counting chants from the instructor. I hate feeling like a klutz because I can't follow choreography so complicated it would impress Debbie Allen. So I don't do them. I go to the gym and do nothing but weight training because I kind of enjoy it. I try to walk to the gym and back (it's about a mile) and to take long walks on the alternate days, so I do get some cardiovascular workout. You might love aerobics classes and hate weightlifting. That's fine. The point is to do what you enjoy--or at least what you don't hate--rather than what you think you're supposed to be doing. · Play tricks.Playing little tricks on yourself can be a powerful way to help you stay motivated