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Chapter 16. New Year's Resolutions and O... > Getting Back on Your Hobby Horse - Pg. 173

New Year's Resolutions and Other Self-Improvement Promises 173 Learning Something New It's easy to say you'd like to get up-to-speed on computers, learn to speak another language, figure out how your car's engine works, or improve your public speaking skills. It's much harder to rally yourself into doing it. When learning something new is not absolutely essential for your job, it's easy to put off. Besides the obvious problem of not seeing it as a priority, there are three main reasons why that happens: 1. You don't know where to go.The choices of schools, universities, seminar centers, and other venues for taking a course or two (as opposed to going back to school for a degree, which is discussed in Chapter 21, "Cramming for Exams and Other Fine Academic Traditions") can be confusing. Use the educational Web sites listed in Appendix C as a guide for making sense of the choices. You don't have enough time.Remember those 10 life roles described in Chapter 3, "Blame It on the Environment"? Being a lifelong learner is an important piece of that puzzle. That doesn't mean that if your other life roles are on overload, you should add more responsibilities to your plate by going back to school. Learning something new does take effort and energy, so you need to make sure your other roles aren't too crowded. But don't use lack of time as an excuse if you can find the time through some minor reworking of your schedule and prior- ities. You can't afford it.Some courses taken on an individual basis through university continuing education divisions or private institutions are expensive. There are, however, other options. Public libraries, community centers, religious institutions, senior citizens' centers, and other nonprofit agencies might offer what you're looking for at a low cost or possibly even for free. 2. 3. You're always going to put off learning something new until you recognize that, even though your job might not depend on it, learning new things is important for being a well-rounded, content person.