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Chapter 16. New Year's Resolutions and O... > Losing Weight and Lifting Weights - Pg. 168

New Year's Resolutions and Other Self-Improvement Promises 168 Weight Lost and Fitness Found Then, something changed. I decided to examine my procrastination problem and apply the same principles that I espouse in this book. Guess what? They worked. I don't claim to have everyone's magic answer to losing weight and keeping it off and getting fit and staying that way. If someone had that magic answer, that person would be even richer than the people who don't have the perfect answer but who make a lot of money by leading us to believe that they do. This book is on pro- crastination, not on diet and exercise, so for expert advice from nutritionists, fitness trainers, exercise physiologists, physicians, and more, turn to the books, Web sites, and organizations on health and fitness listed in the appendixes. What I can help you with is exercising and weight loss from the perspective of psychology and organization, which are the two elements of any effort to overcome procrastination and the two elements that worked for me. Here's how you can use the techniques for fighting procrastination to help you exercise and eat right: Matter of Fact You've heard of whistling while you work; well now you can exercise while you work, and all without leaving your desk. Before a stiff neck and cramped hands set in, pop in some exercise software and watch fitness