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Chapter 16. New Year's Resolutions and O... > Losing Weight and Lifting Weights - Pg. 167

New Year's Resolutions and Other Self-Improvement Promises 167 not saying that all motivational speakers are bad; hey, I've even bordered on being one myself at various times in my counseling and consulting career. I've certainly been guilty of spouting some psycho-babble. But from what I knew of this guy, there was much more superficial, feel-good pab- ulum than substance in his best-selling books. My worst fears were realized when he began his talk by boasting that he had not missed a day of jogging, except for one day when bedridden with the flu, for something like 10 years. I think he wanted us to see that he walks the talk of his Just do it message for people trying to reach personal goals. My first thought was, "Nobody gets the flu for only one day, which means he went running while sick, which is just plain stupid." My second thought was a much less confident one. It was, "I'll never be one of those people who exercises, really exercises, consistently." I know I can't blame all the struggles I've had with exercise since then on that man and that one annoying statement. But it is amazing to me how etched in my mind that moment is. I can hardly remember what I wrote my dissertation on, but I can picture that speaker on stage as if it were this morning. Since that day, I can hardly remember a time when I didn't have negative, self-defeating thoughts about my relationship with exercise. In retrospect, I now see that that was the day I de- veloped a "me versus them" attitude toward exercising (and, indirectly, toward weight loss as well). I decided that there are people who have self-discipline and people who do not and that I was in the "not" category. You're Not Alone