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Chapter 6. Making Sure You'll Really Do ... > Seven Stages of Change - Pg. 60

Making Sure You'll Really Do It This Time 60 Why Change Is So Darn Hard If it were easy to break bad habits and change problem behavior, the world would be a very different place. You'd see lots of slim, physically fit people walking around, the tobacco industry would crum- ble, companies wouldn't have to fire anybody, and relationship counselors would be hurting for patients. But the world doesn't look like that, because bad habits, especially procrastination, are as hard to get rid of as telemarketers at dinnertime. Change is difficult for the following reasons: · · · · It takes time It takes effort It's hard to do alone It leads you into unfamiliar territory Action Tactic Make a list of at least 10 positive changes you've made in your life in the past. They might be changes in your appearance, health, financial status, career, social life, home, or anything at all. It doesn't matter whether the changes lasted. The important thing is that you made them. Seeing the list can get you motivated to make changes again.