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Chapter 6. Making Sure You'll Really Do ... > Why Your Past Efforts Have Failed - Pg. 59

Making Sure You'll Really Do It This Time 59 Matter of Fact The best way to get an in-depth look at the change process and how to make it work is to read what psychologists have to say about it. My two favorite books on change are Getting Unstuck: Breaking Through Your Barriers to Change by Dr. Sidney B. Simon and Change Your Life Now: Powerful Techniques for Positive Change by Dr. William J. Knaus. Both books are grounded in solid psychological principles, but they are very practical and user-friendly. · You were too critical of yourself.If your standards for your behavior were unreasonably high the last time you tried to stop procrastinating, then you were setting yourself up for failure. This time, be more realistic about what you can achieve and how quickly you can do it. · You weren't balanced.If your life doesn't have a healthy balance of work and play, or action and relaxation, you'll burn out. Just what that balance should be is different for each person, but whatever it is, you have to pay attention to it. You have to nurture the part of you that wants to goof off as much as you nudge the part of you that has to be and wants to be productive. If you become single-minded and focus only on your calendar and to-do lists at the expense of leisure time, your brain and your spirit will shut down, and you won't get anything done. · You had an identity crisis.Identity crises don't just happen at key age-related stages in life, such as adolescence, midlife, or retirement. They can pop up any time you try to change your be-