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Chapter 6. Making Sure You'll Really Do ... > Why Your Past Efforts Have Failed - Pg. 58

Making Sure You'll Really Do It This Time 58 · You didn't prioritize.Perhaps you dove right in and started trying to finish things without first determining what was most important to you and to the significant people around you. If you try to force yourself to become more efficient and productive in areas that mean nothing to you, that attempt is destined to fail. You have to believe in what you're doing in order to get it done. · You weren't angry enough.Sometimes you have to get to the point of saying, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," before you can get yourself moving. At first, the anger is often directed at someone else, such as the person who gets ahead of you in life while you're busy procrastinating or maybe the person who monopolizes your time and keeps you from get- ting things done. But, eventually, you have to realize that the blame lies primarily with yourself and become so exasperated that you finally decide to do something about the problem. Quicksand! Some people think they're committed to kicking the procrastination habit for good, but in reality they just want a quick fix. In the back of their minds, they expect to go back to their old ways as soon as some immediate problems or urgent matters are dealt with. If you don't make a serious commitment, it'll be just a matter of time before you backslide. · You weren't scared enough.As with anger, fear plays a big part in attempts to become an ex- procrastinator. You may have to realize how damaging the potential consequences of procras- tination are before you can fully commit to changing. · You lacked support.It's difficult to go it alone when trying to make major, or even minor, changes in life. If you tried to turn over a new leaf in the past and didn't have a team of key people helping you (friends, family, co-workers, or experts of some sort), you probably didn't manage to keep that leaf turned over for very long. Later in this chapter in the section called "Your Support Team" as well as in Chapter 7, "Rallying Support from the Pros," you'll find out who should be in your inner circle and how to bring them there. · You lacked information.To accomplish something, you have to know how to do it. Depending on the nature of the task or project, you may need information, knowledge, instructions, direction, guidance, skills, and resources. If a lack of know-how or access to resources has held you back in the past, think about why that is. Were you afraid to ask for help? Did you not know where to turn for guidance? In the "Get Connected" section of Chapter 12, you'll find out how to get past the barriers to asking for help and finding the information you need. · Your timing was off.Even though it's not a good idea to wait for the proverbial perfect time to do something, there is such a thing as choosing the wrong time to get over your procrastination. If your past efforts to stop procrastinating came at a time when you had too much going on in your life, then you probably weren't very successful with the antiprocrastination efforts. Never try to make behavioral changes when your life is overloaded with commitments and pressing deadlines or when major life-changing events are taking place (such as the death of a loved one, marriage, separation, moving, the birth of a child, and the like).