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Part: 5 Living the Life of an Ex-Procras... > Dealing with the Procrastinators Aro... - Pg. 242

242 Chapter 23. Dealing with the Procrastinators Around You In This Chapter · What to do if you don't procrastinate but others do · How to deal with slackers in the workplace · How to keep family and roommates from turning home into chaos · When to confront procrastinating friends and when to let them be · How to correct kids without stifling them In their book, Winning with Difficult People , Arthur Bell and Dayle Smith have a clever name for people who make life difficult for others. They call them S.O.P.s, Sources of Pain. As you begin the life of a recovering procrastinator, you're likely to come across more than a few S.O.P.s. They might be old partners-in-crime from your procrastinating days who try to suck you back into a life of de- laying and denying. Or they may be new friends or business colleagues whose procrastinating behavior frustrates and concerns you now that you've seen the light. Then again, maybe it wasn't you who had the procrastination problem in the first place; maybe you're reading this book to figure out what to do about the procrastinators who drive you bonkers. If so, this chapter will be particularly relevant to you. Convert Them? Or Turn the Other Cheek? So what do you do with these sinners (at least, that's how you see them)? Is it your place to show them the error of their ways, or should you look the other way and forget about it? The answer lies in how much harm, or at least inconvenience, the other procrastinators are causing you and them- selves.