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Chapter 8. Lightening Your Load > Getting Rid of Stuff - Pg. 85

Lightening Your Load As an incentive to de-clutter your surroundings, calculate the cost of your home or office per square foot and estimate the square footage devoted to items you don't use, wear, or enjoy. How much is it costing you to store your clutter? What else could you be doing with that space if it were emptied out or less crowded? 85 After sorting everything into the boxes, deal with each of the boxes. Start with the easiest first: Bag up the trash and recyclables and take them out of your house; put the box of things to return or donate near your door or in your car so you'll remember to take them where they belong; put away or file the To Keep: Easy items. Give yourself a finite period of time to go through the more difficult stuff. That period might be one week or one month, for example, depending on the amount of items you have to sort through. Each day, go through the Not Sure box little by little. And, each day find a place for one or two items in the To Keep: Difficult box and deal with one or two items in the To Take Action box. Tell yourself that if these boxes are not empty by the end of the time period you've chosen, you'll have to throw out the contents. When you rid your life of possessions that bring little or no joy or satisfaction, you lift an enormous weight off your shoulders. If you're a packrat now, you may find it hard to imagine life without all your stuff, but I guarantee that de-cluttering your surroundings will be a liberating experience. The Least You Need to Know · Before you can get organized and stop procrastinating, you have to simplify your life by getting rid of unnecessary possessions. · Watch out for lame excuses you use to hang on to stuff. · When clearing out clutter, focus on one area at a time and don't let yourself get distracted. · Keep yourself inspired with the idea that lightening your load is a liberating experience.