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Chapter 8. Lightening Your Load > Getting Rid of Stuff - Pg. 84

Lightening Your Load 84 When it comes time to clean up the area you selected, set up and label sorting containers (boxes or trash bags) that you will put stuff in. You should have one container for each of the following categories: · · · · · · · · To Keep: Easy (for things that have a place and will be easy to put away) To Keep: Difficult (for things that you will need to find a place for) To Take Action (for things you need to deal with) To Return (for borrowed items) To Trash (for things you can throw away) To Recycle (for glass, aluminum, paper, and other recyclables) To Give Away (for things you'll donate to charity or give to other people) Not Sure (for items that aren't easy to categorize right away) Go through one item at a time and put it in the appropriate box. To build some momentum, start by doing the easiest sorting first, such as throwing out things that you can get rid of without a second thought. Don't stop to read, reminisce over, try on, or otherwise be distracted by items you're sorting through. If you need more time to look something over before deciding whether to keep or discard it, put it in the Not Sure box. Just don't let everything end up in that box! You're Not Alone