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Chapter 8. Lightening Your Load > Where Your Attachment to Stuff Comes From - Pg. 81

Lightening Your Load 81 You're Not Alone I hate the idea of waste--of throwing something away that I may need again someday. The irony is that I keep so much junk that I don't even know what I have, so half the time I end up going out and buying something new instead of using what I've carefully stored away. --Karen K., career consultant There's nothing wrong with not wanting to be wasteful, but keeping so many odds and ends on hand slows you down. You end up fishing through drawers filled with bits and pieces of what is essentially junk to the point where you can't find what's not junk. Solution:Every time you're about to save something in the name of practicality, pause and ask yourself what the chances are that you will fix, use, or need that item. Also, think through the con- sequences of not saving it. Could you replace it easily? Do you already have a duplicate? Being practical is a good habit, but like all good habits, it can be taken to the extreme. Hopes and Dreams You thought you were going to start a home-based business, but the idea fizzled out. Now you're left with all sorts of papers and books from the research you did and maybe even some inventory if you had progressed that far. Or perhaps you took some graduate school courses but gave up hope