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Chapter 8. Lightening Your Load > Where Your Attachment to Stuff Comes From - Pg. 79

Lightening Your Load 79 Value "I'm keeping this because it might be worth a lot of money one day." How many times have you made (or heard) that excuse? Do you really think that pile of old magazines gathering dust in the corner is likely to turn into a treasure trove of rare journalism and let you retire a millionaire? Or maybe you're counting on rubber bands becoming obsolete someday so that rubber band ball you've grown to the size of a prize watermelon will bring in some fast cash. Holding on to items you don't use, enjoy, or gain any current value from is a common mistake of packrats. Solution:If you're keeping things because they might be worth some money in the future, verify that assumption. Do the necessary research to find out how likely it is that your junk will turn to gold. If experts tell you it's a long shot, you probably don't have much to lose by discarding it. Sentimentality Keeping things for sentimental reasons is hard to argue with. I'm notorious for wanting to save every wedding invitation, birth announcement, and postcard I receive, as well as ticket stubs from special events, knick-knacks collected on trips, and just about anything else that is fun, significant, or touching. Then there are the shoes I bought in Florence, Italy in 1987; I held onto them long after they became worn beyond repair because they were the most fabulous pair of shoes I'd ever owned. Action Tactic