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Chapter 24. Keeping It Going > It's Up to You - Pg. 260

Keeping It Going 260 Getting It Done So there you have it. I wouldn't let myself feel guilty, because that wouldn't do anyone any good either. Instead, I finished my writing, despite having one eye and ear focused on the disturbing, round-the-clock television news (just as my parents had been glued to the television watching the news of JFK's death when I was a toddler). I also managed to squeeze in a quick workout and to pick up a birthday gift at the bookstore next to the gym. I delegated the milk purchase to my husband, and the vacation planning was grudgingly put off until a few days later. Quicksand! Values and priorities are not the same thing. Values are what matters to you, the guiding principles of your life. Priorities are the actions you deem important at any given time. Don't try to behave every day as if every value you hold is a priority, or you'll face constant ethical dilemmas. For example, you may value family over work but sometimes have to make work a priority. I also did two things that hadn't been on my to-do list. I made a point of telling my husband how much I appreciated his help in getting my book written. And I gave my daughter a hug like she'd never felt before and thanked my lucky stars for her. It took only about one minute total to do both