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Chapter 24. Keeping It Going > Value Your Priorities and Prioritize Your Values - Pg. 258

Keeping It Going 258 Action Tactic When you feel yourself taking on too much, too fast and getting out of balance, pop the cassette tape Slow Down...and Get More Done (Listen & Live Audio, 1996) into your Walkman or stereo. It's by Marshall Cook and is based on a wonderful book of the same name. Value Your Priorities and Prioritize Your Values Ultimately, being a more effective, efficient, and accomplished person becomes an issue of working in harmony with your values and keeping your priorities straight. "Gee, umm, that sounds good ... I guess ... but what does it mean?" you might ask. Allow me to illustrate the point by sharing one last personal anecdote with you. Another Sort of Wake-Up Call For nearly four decades, one question has been woven into the fabric of American popular culture more than perhaps any other: Where were you when Kennedy was shot? Unfortunately, a new question has been added: Where were you when you heard that JFK Jr.'s plane was missing and then that he and his wife and sister-in-law had died? I know where I was. It was a steamy July weekend, and I was at home about to get back to writing this chapter, just days from my final deadline for the book. In addition to the numbness and profound sadness I felt over the surreal tragedy--feelings experienced across the United States and around the world--I began to have the sort of thoughts that many people have when faced with a reminder of how fragile our lives are. Being Hit over the Head with Your Values My first thought was that I need to treasure my husband, daughter, and other loved ones like never before because they might not be here tomorrow. My next thought was that I need to live each day to the fullest, accomplishing my goals while I still can because I might not be here tomorrow. Family and work are the two things I care about, that is, value, above just about everything else, so those thoughts were nothing new. But when mortality slaps you in the face, especially when it's the death of three people who are close to your own age, the importance of those values is magnified to the n th degree. When "What Did You Do Today?" Takes on New Meaning You're Not Alone