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Chapter 24. Keeping It Going > Here We Go Again? No, Not This Time - Pg. 254

Keeping It Going 254 Four Simple Things to Remember The goal of this final chapter is to remind you of the most important points offered throughout the book. It's a summary of four main themes that help you overcome procrastination: 1. 2. 3. 4. Change will occur only if you give yourself a reality check about your procrastination habit, get fired up to break it, and stay that way. Keeping clutter from re-accumulating is more important than you might think; it's a key to keeping your organized act together and being productive. Productivity is enhanced by having a balanced life, one in which you get things done but have fun and relax as well. To know what to do on a day-to-day basis, that is, what your priorities are, you have to know what your overall life values are. You also have to understand the difference between values and priorities. In reminding you of those four points, this chapter goes from something of the ridiculous to the sublime. You'll go from reading about seemingly trivial matters like how to keep too many wire clothes hangers or empty take-out food containers from re-cluttering your life to how to sort out complex issues of values and priorities when faced with your own mortality and that of your loved ones. You're Not Alone We only become what we are by the radical and deep-seeded refusal of that which others have made us. --Jean-Paul Sartre Here We Go Again? No, Not This Time So the first step to keeping it going is to get fired up and stay that way as you take the steps in your Procrastination Proclamation. But what if that fire starts to go out and that strategy becomes fuzzy? I know you don't want your determination to go the way of past efforts to lose weight, get fit, stop biting your nails, get your house in shape, start a business, or whatever it is that you've begun with gusto in the past, only to lose steam before reaching your goals. This time you're not going to give up. Whether it's something as easy as getting the trash out the door or as complex as resolving a relationship problem (I realize some of you might see those two tasks as being one and the same!), you're going to make it happen this time. You'll do it by following five simple rules: 1. 2. Be realistic about change.Don't expect miracles overnight. Reread Chapter 6, "Making Sure You'll Really Do It This Time," if you've forgotten what change is all about. Take it one day at a time.Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the process you're embarking on. Focus on taking one baby step each day.