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Chapter 24. Keeping It Going > Value Your Priorities and Prioritize Your Values - Pg. 259

Keeping It Going It seems that the older I get, the more my priorities change, and some tasks end up on hold longer. My house was once one of my main concerns. Now, I don't redecorate as often. I value more spending time with people I love and care for. --Judy T., homemaker, grandmother, and co-owner/manager of a 375-acre Texas cattle ranch 259 Then, back down on earth, I looked at my to-do list for the weekend: · · · · · · Wrap up two near-finished chapters of the book Write a draft of an article for The New York Times Call hotels to make reservations for a vacation Buy a birthday gift for a friend Go to the gym Get milk Before I woke up to the shocking news of our national tragedy, I had planned to spend the entire weekend at the computer, cranking out chapters and an article as fast as I could. My husband had planned to spend most of the weekend driving our daughter around town to visit some of our friends. The idea was that he would keep her "out of my hair" (a phrase I should erase from my vocabulary) so that I could get some work done, given that my deadlines for two writing projects were approach- ing so quickly. Okay, so that plan fit with my work value: Reach your goals while you can because you might not live to see tomorrow (and because you enjoy the work). But what about the other value of treasuring loved ones? It looked like I was facing a conflict of values. What good would it do to have a book finished and an article published in a big-deal paper if my husband and daughter went out that day and well ... I don't even want to think about it. On the other hand, I can't abandon my responsibilities