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Chapter 24. Keeping It Going > Keeping Your Act Together - Pg. 256

Keeping It Going · · · · · · · · Plastic grocery sacks Plastic containers and cutlery from take-out food Empty glass jars and bottles Wire clothes hangers Little packets of salt, ketchup, Chinese mustard, and other condiments Cardboard boxes and gift boxes Catalogs Broken items 256 That list contains the sorts of things that we hang onto out of habit. Most of us know that, unless we're planning to open a dry cleaners, we don't need 400 wire hangers. If the coupons are for items we'd never buy even if they were free, we know there's no reason to stick them under a refrigerator magnet, but we do it anyway--just in case. Remember, you have to start thinking like someone who gets things done, which means you have to stop and think before you let clutter reaccumulate and slow you down. Quicksand!