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Chapter 24. Keeping It Going > Keeping Your Act Together - Pg. 255

Keeping It Going 3. 255 4. 5. Shed your old identity.Just because everyone around you has come to know you as a pro- crastinator, and you've internalized their view, don't get stuck with that label. I'm not asking you to change the core you and become someone you're not, but I do want you to stop thinking of yourself as someone who can't get things done. You're becoming someone who does have your act together. Adopting the identity of an ex-procrastinator is one of the quickest ways to become one. Use the techniques.Just reading this book doesn't mean that you will automatically start using the Stop, Look, and Listen formula or any of the other strategies for taking action. It takes sheer determination to get yourself to pause long enough to become aware that you are on the brink of procrastinating and to do something about it. Unfortunately, determination is not something I can give you through words on paper. Admit when you need help.If you are having difficulty taking control of your behavior and using the action strategies, or if you need some help understanding the strategies better, then you have to be willing to get some help. Whether you turn to a support team of family and friends or an expert such as those described in Chapter 7, "Rallying Support from the Pros," connecting with real, live human beings is essential for making the strategies work. These five rules, together with a genuine desire to stop procrastinating, get things done, and reach your goals, will make it happen. Action Tactic