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Chapter 4. It's All in Your Head > Fears That Hold You Back - Pg. 36

It's All in Your Head 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 36 Negativity toward the task:Disliking or being uninterested in the task itself Rebellion:Having negative feelings toward the person who assigned a task or who will benefit from it and resenting that you have to do it Unrealistic view of time:Having a faulty sense of time and how much you can get done within it Psychological issues:Disorders such as depression or Attention Deficit Disorder, among oth- ers, make it difficult to get things done Physical problem:Having a physical ailment that drains your energy and makes you less likely to get things done Quicksand! If the idea of having to address the internal causes of your procrastination makes you want to quit before you start, don't do it. For the most part, internal causes are no more difficult to overcome than the external obstacles of people, places, and things.