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Chapter 4. It's All in Your Head > Letting It Get to You - Pg. 41

It's All in Your Head 41 If you're the type who is always racing against the clock, think about why that might be. Some people who love the lastminute adrenaline rush simply crave some excitement in their lives. They put off things until the last minute because their work or their lives are so dull that they need to introduce a little excitement. Others do so because they believe they do their best work that way. (I used to be one of those.) Maybe they do good work, but might their results be even better if they gave themselves a little more time? Others addicted to adrenaline need it to boost their selfesteem. If they create a crisis by waiting until the last minute to do something, and then solve the crisis by getting that thing done, they end up looking like heroes who have saved the day in their own minds and to others who witness their accomplishment. I'm So Bored You might put off doing something because it doesn't interest you. How you feel about a task is directly linked to how likely you are to get it started or finished. You may know the feeling of starting on a project with a gung ho attitude only to find that you get so bored with it midway through that you abandon it and never finish. That may be why there are so many unfinished home do it yourself projects and incomplete filing systems around the world. You Want Me to Do What?! Procrastination is a powerful tool for rebellion. If you hate your boss, it can feel awfully good to show how insignificant her little pet project is by not getting around to doing it. If your husband nags you to wash your car more often and you don't understand why the matter should concern him, you show your power by driving around in a car that always looks like you just came back from off-roading.