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Chapter 4. It's All in Your Head > It Has to Be Perfect - Pg. 39

It's All in Your Head 39 You're Not Alone Every time I find that I'm getting in my own way, the advice of my first boss (Ronald Mansbridge, former Director of Cambridge University Press) rings in my ears. He told me, "Don't let the perfect stand in the way of the good." --Sally Dougan, executive vice president, Bert Davis Publishing Placement Consultants People who are not perfectionists and who merely have high standards for their behavior and their work are more realistic and flexible. They want to do well, but they understand that perfectionism is an impossible goal and that being slightly less than perfect is still acceptable. Perfectionism is one of the most common causes of procrastination. If you are determined to have everything you do turn out flawlessly, then you probably make every task more difficult than it needs to be. To a perfectionist, even the smallest task becomes a major ordeal, and the truly big projects seem insurmountable. As perfectionists embark on new projects, they remember how much effort went into a similar one in the past and feel tired and overwhelmed before even beginning the task at hand. Perfectionists try to maintain such impossibly high standards that they end up burning themselves out.