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Chapter 4. It's All in Your Head > Fears That Hold You Back - Pg. 37

It's All in Your Head 37 Action Tactic To make fear of failure less of a problem, try to remember a time when you did fail at something but found that the people you care about were supportive and didn't think any less of you. Failure is something most people want to avoid. It hurts emotionally by making you feel disappointed, sad, and rejected. It might embarrass or even humiliate you if the failure is at all public. It also can damage your selfesteem and selfconfidence. From a practical standpoint, failure can have dire consequences. You might not earn an academic degree, get the job you want, or be rewarded with more money, a better parking space, or whatever it is that you want or need. If you are avoiding "entering the race" because you're afraid you won't win, fear of failure may be causing your pro- crastination. Fear of Being Judged The fear of being judged is related to the idea of fearing failure but has more to do with the quality of your work or your performance. You may have experienced fear of being judged during your years as a student. Whether your school days are in the distant past or part of your present, the fear of getting a bad grade is probably etched in your mind. If you received a lousy grade from time to time