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Chapter 5. It's About Time > It's Not the Right Time to Do This - Pg. 52

It's About Time 52 Action Tactic Close your eyes and picture time. What do you see? Do you see a clock, a calendar, or a long, straight line? Do you see people and places? Do you picture the future or the past? There's no one correct mental image of time or one best way to interpret what you see. It's just an interesting exercise that might clue you in to your relationship with time. Once again, you might agree with this idea of focusing on the big picture of what you want out of life and not getting bogged down in distractions and crises, but you may be wondering how you'll ever get yourself out of categories 1, 3, and 4, and into #2, where you can deal with what's important but not urgent. In Part 2 of this book, you'll learn ways to put systems in place at work and home that will keep you from having to deal with so many last-minute crises. In Part 3, "Tips and Tricks for Getting Things Done," you'll find lots of practical strategies that will help you make better use of your time. It's Not the Right Time to Do This For some procrastinators, the problem is not so much that they don't have the time but that the time isn't right. They're waiting for a day when the boss is in a good mood, the temperature is 72 degrees,