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Chapter 5. It's About Time > Creating the Illusion of More Time - Pg. 54

It's About Time You'll find more details about these and other tricks for "creating" time in the chapters in Part 2. 54 The Least You Need to Know · Time can't be controlled or managed. You can only control how you use it. · Other people can make demands on your time, but they can't control it. You have free will to use your time in whichever way you choose. · Overcoming procrastination is not about packing more commitments into your schedule or chores onto your to-do list. · Taking care of responsibilities and routine tasks frees you up to do things that bring you enjoyment and satisfaction. · Saying you can't find the time to do something is not a valid excuse. You have to prioritize in order to make the best use of time. · Saying that it's not the right time to do something is often not a legitimate excuse. If you keep waiting for the perfect time to do something, you probably won't do it. · You can't add another hour to the day, but you can create the illusion of more time by using some simple time-saving techniques.